Encres de sublimation

Encres de sublimation

Our CMYK Sublimation Inks are a high-performance ink set that is specifically designed for use in sublimation printing. These inks are made with a unique blend of pigments and dyes that are optimized for sublimation printing, resulting in vibrant and accurate colors that are sure to make your designs stand out.

The CMYK inks are suitable for use on a wide range of sublimation-suitable materials, such as polyester fabrics. They deliver excellent color saturation and accurate color reproduction, making them perfect for printing high-quality images and graphics.

These inks are easy to use and can be used with a wide variety of sublimation printers and heat presses, ensuring that you can achieve professional results every time. The inks come in opaque bottles to protect the ink from direct sunlight.

Our CMYK Sublimation Inks are an excellent choice for anyone looking to create high-quality, vibrant, and accurate sublimation prints. They are easy to use, versatile, and will help you achieve professional results every time.