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The best solutions for printing, cut, sublimation and heat transfer.

Textile Flex

High quality textile flex for a wide variety of end results.


We have available different consumables for sublimation, DTF, printing and cut.

Sublimation Fabrics

We recently released a line of fabrics suited for sublimation purposes for t-shirts, sports t-shirts, scarves and flags.

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DTF System

The DTF printing system is the most innovative digital textile application system.

With its printing flexibility, it allows printing different images at the same time, providing greater productivity and reduced production costs.


Save up to 2/3 of production time with our brand-new Flex

The best solution to save time

Boost your productivity and reduce yours costs at the same time with our new Textile Flex RAPID!
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The best textile Flex solutions

We are always looking for different solutions in the market to provide our clients with exactly what they need.

Our years of experience led us to partner up with the best Flex suppliers in order to provide our clients with the best solutions present in the market.


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Our activity areas


We have a wide variety of products for sublimation. Starting on equipments of different world-class brands going to high-quality tested consumables targeting  a high performance at the time of production.

Large printing and cut

We have different equipments for different needs in this area, such as large printers, plotters laser and UV. Addtionally we provide the consumables such as textile flex with high performance for increased productivity and quality.

Technical Assistance

An important part for us is the technical assistance we provide our clients. This way, when there is any issue, we decrease the production stoppage times to a minium.