Textile Flex

Print and cut flex

Flex Textile is a thermo-adhesive material that is used for printing on fabrics for the most varied uses, especially in fashion.

Flex has the ability to merge with the most varied types of fabric, from cotton to nylon and polyurethane (PU). This adhesion is made possible through the use of pressure and heat, which causes the material to fuse with the fibers of the fabric.

There are different types of flex, namely the printing flex and the cutting flex.

The printing flex is customizable, using digital printing to print designs or images on the material, and then you can print it on fabrics for t-shirts, bags, etc.

Cutting flex has different properties, ranging from a simple flex to flex with glitter, relief, felt, among other varieties of materials. Like the printing flex, the cutting flex can also be applied to the most varied fabrics for different purposes. See below our textile flex options.


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